Methods to get new charitable donors

ImageOne of the challenges that every non-profit organization faces is raising funds and finding new donors. Many non-profit organizations solely rely on the funds that they receive from donors; therefore any money that they can get is crucial. Here are some methods on how to reach new potential donors:

1. Collect names whenever possible: Every name that is in the organization’s mailing list is essential and highly important. Add everyone to your mailing list such as people that call and ask for advice, attend the open house events and attend any other events. You can get names from the non-paying guests at events through raffle giveaways, silent auctions or through sign-up sheets. Keep in mind to always respect your donor’s wishes regarding the use of their names.

2. Create ways to interact with potential donors: Find a creative way to reach out to people in order for them to give you their names and the names of their friends. Keep in mind to continue interacting with you existing donors and thanking them for all of their support.

3. Provide short-term volunteer opportunities: Engage people and give them the opportunity to volunteer, many volunteers may turn into future donors. Find your volunteers by approaching local business and asking their staff to attend, posting your event on social websites or on your website and by talking to local organizations, schools or community groups.Image

4. Trade mailing lists with another organization: If you don’t have a budget for buying a mailing list from a marketing company, consider a one-time trade with another non-profit organization. When deciding who to trade with look at the similarities in the organization and the similarities in potential donors.

5. Use your website to attract donors: If your organization does not have a website, be sure to make one! Make sure that your website is engaging and it is attractive to potential donors. Keep in mind to update your website constantly and to post upcoming events and news.

ImageFinding potential donors may be difficult, but is has to be done properly if the organization wants to receive funding. Your donors or potential future donors are very important to the organization therefore it is important to engage them in all activities. At the end of the day the money that you receive from them is crucial to the organization, therefore you have to make sure to do your best to keep your donors. 

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The 10 Steps of Crisis Communication

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The Benefits of Social Media for Non-Profit Organizations

According to there are 900 million facebook users, and 500,250,000 active registered twitter users!


Social media websites are great sources for non-profit organizations to engage their audience in what they are doing. It is important to engage your audience, outline to them your mission and engage them to support the organization. Facebook and twitter can allow you to ask for support such as donations or volunteers. Continue reading