What are ethics?

Ethics are rules and guidelines that determine how an individual makes all of their choices. Ethics are important in business, however they are also very important in all other aspects of our lives.

There will be circumstances where we need to react according to the situation, however our built in ethics will make a big impact on our reaction to the situation, not just the overall situation. Our own code of ethics will show us how we have to act and what moral guidelines we need to follow. Ethics will help us deal with people in the proper ways, and do what is right.

Behaving unethically can easily ruin your reputation. For example, Neil Armstrong behaved unethically when he decided to lie about doping. He knew that he was using steroids, that what he was doing was unethical however he continued to lie to the public. Once he finally decided to come out with the truth it was clearly obvious that it would take a long time for his reputation to be recovered, if that was even possible. Armstrong is just one example of unethical behaviour, unfortunately there are many more.

It is essential that we realize that when we are behaving unethically we are not just harming ourselves, but those around us. For example, Ryanair is also known as one of the top unethical companies. By behaving unethically they are not only harming their company, but they are also harming their employees, customers, clients and the public in general.

So on a scale of 1 to 10 how important do you think ethics are? Personally I say 10. I believe that ethics is highly important in our everyday lives and it is something that we should always work on. As stated before, our behaviour does not only affect us, but everyone else around us. So the next time you may decide to tell a lie take a moment, think about how this will affect those around you. In the YouTube video below, Armstrong describes how his doping crisis has affected and played an impact on his son.