According to there are 900 million facebook users, and 500,250,000 active registered twitter users!


Social media websites are great sources for non-profit organizations to engage their audience in what they are doing. It is important to engage your audience, outline to them your mission and engage them to support the organization. Facebook and twitter can allow you to ask for support such as donations or volunteers. Using these social media websites allows organizations to see how well they are doing and how many people are interested in their organization. When people retweet, comment, share or like this illustrates how much they are engaged with the organization. Great content and engagement makes people feel connected to an organization.

Facebook and twitter allows organizations to post multimedia photos or videos to engage their audience. This allows the audience to be a part of the organization at all times and to follow what the organization is doing.

These social media websites allow organizations to post their news and information, as well as upcoming events. The followers will know what is happening at the organization and what events they may want to attend. Once an event is over the organization can post photos and videos, and tag their participants, sponsors or donors. Not only will this show off the organizations hard work, but it is a way to show appreciation for all the help the organization has received.

If people have any questions or want more information about the organization they can directly make a post on the facebook or twitter page and can then get a reply after their post has been seen. This allows people to directly speak to an organization and ask for any clarification.

Everyday there are more and more facebook and twitter users which shows how popular these social websites are and how they can be used to an advantage. According to, 9+ million users in Canada log on each day. This clearly shows that they are doing some research while spending their time online. If a non-profit organization wants to get their word out to the public this is one of the best and fastest ways to do so. Facebook and twitter users are active and if there is something posted on those websites they sure won’t miss it.


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