Difficult times and crises are tough to deal with, but it is important that we have different management strategies that we can use to deal with the crisis. Difficult times can be fulfilled with new possibilities, it is just important that people look for them. Crises can be difficult not just for the organization, but for its employees as well. It is important that people try to look for a possibility during a crisis, and build their leadership skills.

The book, “The Upside of the Downturn,” by Geoff Colvin, gives helpful management strategies for difficult times. The following are the five steps to follow in order to become a better leader during a crisis..

Using a crisis to become a better leader:

1. Stand up and be seen- people want to be led, and as a leader it is important to understand that. When people are worried at their job, they want to know that somebody with greater power is working with them to help them solve their problems. People want to be led because they understand that groups accomplish more when there is a leader in charge.

2. Be calm and in control- People believe and assume that the leader knows more about the crisis then they do, that is why they turn to their leader for help. Being calm and in control may be difficult during a crisis, however it’s important to do so in order for your employees not to panic.

3. Be decisive- Sometimes it is extremely difficult to make decisions during a crisis, however they have to be made. The most difficult thing is that usually when decisions are most easily accepted, they’re hardest to make, and that is what usually happens during a crisis. Although making a decision is difficult, it is something that is vital.

4. Show fearlessness- Employees want their leaders to show them that they are not afraid. It is important to “show fearlessness,” not “be fearless.”

5. Explain the crisis in a larger context- People want to understand what is happening during a crisis that is why it is important that their leaders talk to them and clearly explain to them what is happening. Stress levels are extremely high during a crisis, and it is important that leaders know how to deal with that.

The Upside of the DownturnThese five tips are not only helpful during a crisis; they are tips that can be used in everyday life situations. Each tip is difficult in its own way; however it is extremely helpful in many situations. It is difficult to deal with crises; however these situations can give many opportunities on how to improve your leadership skills. Difficult times are meant to happen, what matters most is how we learn to deal with them. Leadership in a crisis.

“Good times are when you’ll experience your greatest success. But difficult times- these times, the Alps- are your greatest opportunity.”    -Geoff Colvin

Many leaders become great leaders during a crisis. These situations allow them to grow, become stronger and learn from their mistakes. During a crisis they may learns how to improve on certain things such as procedures, skills and methods. These situations will allow them to learn from their mistakes, and how to prevent them in the future. Great leaders do better in a crisis.