Take nine minutes out of your day to ask yourself nine questions. “Nine Minutes on Monday” is a book written by James Robbins. This book will help transform your leadership in just minutes a week. Nine Minutes on Monday helps make leadership easier by allowing people to focus on the few things that drive motivation and engagement.


This book is about taking 9 minutes every Monday to ask yourself 9 questions that will help make a better workplace. Along with these 9 questions, there are also 9 needs that employees’ have and ways that managers can help meet those needs. The following is a list of the nine minutes, and the nine questions:             


  • Minute 1: How will I take a genuine interest in my employees this week?
  • Minute 2: Who will I give feedback to this week?
  • Minute 3: Who will I reward or recognize this week?
  • Minute 4: Who will I give the second paycheck to this week?
  • Minute 5: How can I promote a feeling of autonomy in one employee this week?
  • Minute 6: How can I help someone grow this week?
  • Minute 7: What can I do to make my team stickier this week?
  • Minute 8: Where can I inject some fun this week?
  • Minute 9: What model do my people need from me this week?

James Robbins, Author of 9 Minutes on Monday

Nine Minutes on Monday is a system that allows people to raise productivity, increase employee engagement and boost morale. The number one reason why managers fail to increase productivity in their employees is that they forget to keep their leadership priorities in front of them. This book will ensure that your staff is motivated, inspired and ready to provide their best work each and every day. This book will help people look for simple solutions that will help motivate, inspire and develop employee relationships. It only takes certain about of time and effort to motivate your employees, but it is something that is extremely helpful for both the employer and the employees.